Anabolic Mass Stack: Get lean muscle growth extremely fast
And It Can Pack On Up To 20 Pounds Of Mr. Olympia Type Muscle!

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What “look” separates top-notch bodybuilders from gym rats? In other words, what gives a guy that rare, diamond hard, yet extremely massive look of today’s top studs? I’ll tell you. It’s due to primarily three factors (1) Very high testosterone levels, (2) Very low estrogen levels and (3) Very high nitrogen retention (which is caused by numerous factors).

Anabolic Mass Stack: Get lean muscle growth extremely fastIntroducing the Bad Ass Stack… Because It Will Truly Make You A Muscular Bad Ass!

And the reason for this is, this stack was designed to dramatically increase testosterone, suppress estrogen and ignite massive nitrogen retention! And it does this in a big way! How big? It in fact, the “biological mechanisms” it uses to blast muscle growth are some of the same ones synthetic steroids engage to induce such tremendous muscle growth and savage definition!

And, one of the “feature compounds” has actually been tested in real human studies, “straight-up” against real testosterone and was found to work just as good with documented scientific studies prove it’s steroid like effects!

Listen, it’s no secret that the goal of every sports supplement scientist is to create something that works like a real steroid, yet is legal and has little to no side effects! And now they finally have found a way to co-mingle “nature and science” to form a new classification of compounds.

Now, as you may know, German steroid bio-chemists at IG Farben (Hitler’s pharmaceutical company) first synthesized testosterone from a natural source, the Wild Yam of all things!

So the power of nature is very, very powerful indeed! And, with a little scientific manipulation, nature can be made to become very potent! And this the scientific underpinning of the three compounds in this stack. They are “hormonal” in action like steroids, but 100% legal!

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